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Model P12812B

1.25GS/s 16Bit 1GS Mem 12CH 12 Markers

The Proteus P12812B, is a 1.25GS/s, twelve channel arbitrary waveform generator packaged in a 4U, 19” standalone box with a 9” touch screen and on board PC , offering technologically advanced options and configurations that integrate the ability to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing all in a single instrument. The P12812B offers industry leading performance Including an innovative task oriented programming, real time data streaming, fast feedback loop for environment dependent waveform generation and user customizable FPGA for application specific solutions.
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  • Twelve channel 1.25GS/s 16 bit AWG & AWT configurations
  • 9GHz bandwidth, 2.7GS/s 12 bit digitizer option for feedback control system and conditional waveform generation
  • Excellent phase noise and spurious performance
  • Integrated NCO for digital up-converting to microwave frequencies
  • Standalone 4U, 19” wide benchtop platform, with 9” touch display, USB 3.0, 10G Ethernet and thunderbolt high speed interfaces.
  • Up to 16GS waveform memory with the ability to simultaneously generate and download waveforms
  • Real time data streaming directly to the FPGA for continuous and infinite waveform generation
  • User customizable FPGA for application specific solutions
  • Innovative task oriented sequence programming for maximum flexibility to generate any imaginable scenario

Standalone and easy to use

The benchtop version of the Proteus series offers up to 12 channels in a 4U, 19” benchtop box. With a 9” touch display and on-board PC the benchtop platform enables users to program the instrument without the need of an external PC. Users can program the instrument from the on-board PC using various programming environments such as Matlab, LabView, Python,and more. So for synchronized, phase coherent, multi-channel applications such as quantum physics and radar applications the Proteus arbitrary waveform transceiver is an ideal, high performance and cost effective solution.

Ultra-fast data transfer rates

Spending more time setting up your generated scenario than actually running it? The Proteus Benchtop platform utilizes PCI express Gen 3x8 lanes connection that enables up to 64Gb/s of data transfer speed. This enable the Proteus arbitrary waveform transceiver to offer the fastest waveform download available on the market today, saving you one of your most valuable resources, time.

Feedback control system

Many of today’s applications, require conditional waveform generation depending on input signals from the environment. The Proteus arbitrary waveform transceiver flawlessly integrates both DAC and ADC in one system, controlled by a single FPGA for optimal synchronization and minimum latency. This high speed control system provides a feedback loop for fast decision making on the fly with minimum latency.

Generate any imaginable scenario

The new series offers an innovative task oriented sequence programming where user can change the full instrument set up at every line of the task table. In addition, not only can users of the Proteus series instruments generate and download waveforms simultaneously, they can stream data directly to the FPGA without the need to use the built in memory. This enables generating random, unique and infinitely long scenarios directly from the controlling PC at DAC speeds of up to 6GS/s. So no matter whether your scenario is extremely complex, infinite or even dynamic you can generate it with the Proteus series model.

General Characteristics
Arbitrary/Task Table
Signal Purity

1.25GS/s 16Bit 1GS Mem 12CH 12 Markers


Option 4M4 4GS/s Memory option
Option 8M4 8GS/s Memory option
Option DO4 9GHz BW Direct Output
Option LTJ4 Ultra Low Trigger Jitter (200ps typ.)
Option G4 Low Waveform Granularity
Option AWT4 9GHz BW, 2.7GS/s 12 Bit 1CH Digitizer
Option FPGA PROG FPGA Programming Capability with built-in Demodulation and digital Filters
Option ARTIQ Core ARTIQ Core integration to allow simply FPGA control & programming


Note: Options and Accessories must be specified at the time of your purchase.

Download Type
Data sheet Data Sheet Proteus Benchtop Module 05/08/2019
Ver. 1
Download (478.1 Kb)

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Model P12812B
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