Choosing the best amplifier to meet your needs

Signal amplifiers are used to increase the size of a signal by some factor, in a system where the signal source being used does not provide the required output level. When choosing a waveform amplifier these criteria of the signal amplifier’s performance must be taken into account:  Input & Output Impedance, Gain, Bandwidth (BW), Slew Rate (SR), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and Load.

Tabor’s signal generator amplifiers are designed to operate with all of Tabor’s arbitrary waveform generators and RF signal generator series. Combined, these waveform amplifiers deliver a high-performance signal generation package, enabling high-speed and high-frequency arbitrary generation capabilities with the most sophisticated signal generation, all in a single setup solution.

For RF Signal Generators that require their output power to be extended, Tabor's 20GHz amplifier provides+28dBm output power @ P1dB. Our high-voltage family of amplifiers can provide 400v of peak-to-peak voltage, for PXI, cPCI, and PCI-based systems our modular familiy enables higher voltage capability of up to 40Vp-p, and our high-frequency family has bandwidths of up to 150MHz,

Use the following selection guide to help you find the amplifier family that is best for you.

  • Wide bandwidth, 100 kHz to 20GHz
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • +28dBm typ. output power @ P1dB
  • Compact and easy to use with a dedicated power supply
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  • Stand-alone, 2U - ½ rack wide,
  • High voltage output up to 400Vp-p
  • Full power bandwidth from DC to >500kHz
  • Low distortion
  • Custom Configuration of Gain, Impedance and Grounding
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  • Single-width PXI / PCI card 
  • High amplitude to 180Vp-p
  • Wideband range to 20 MHz
  • Low distortion
  • Custom Configuration of Gain, Impedance, and Signal Grounding
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Signal amplifiers are a must in applications requiring both complex signals as well as high voltage throughput. Such a combination is rare in high performance instrumentation and therefore external amplification devices must be used to achieve this task. The Tabor line of wideband amplifiers was designed to operate in conjunction with its series of waveform generators thus providing the ultimate solution for high-voltage, wideband applications.

  • Up to 150MHz bandwidth
  • High amplitude to 40Vp-p (into high impedance)
  • Fast transition time of up to <1.8ns
  • Small footprint, all metal case
  • Low distortion
  • Custom configurations available
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