Proteus Desktop Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver is able to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing in a high performance, compact form instrument. This desktop version of the Proteus Arbitrary waveform transceiver has up to 8 output channels and 4 input channels in a 4U, half 19” dedicated chassis.

The built-in digitizer and programmable FPGA has user definable processing blocks, such as digital up and down conversion, Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters, high speed averaging and other mathematical functions to create real-time closed loop processing blocks. This high speed control system provides a feedback loop that enables you to make fast decisions with minimum latency.

The Proteus Arbitrary Waveform transceiver offers an innovative FPGA based task oriented sequence programming system allowing you to perform real-time determanistic closed loop operations on dynamic, time varying systems such as EW (Electronics Warfare), Radar and Quantum Experiments. 

The Tabor Proteus AWT can be used as a baseband generator, IQ generator or direct to RF Generator with variable sample rates up to a maximum of 1.25GS/s, 2.5GS/s and 9GS/s. RF units have digitally implemented IQ Modulators and LO’s provided by Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) technology. By using multiple Nyquist zones signals can be created through X-Band.

For applications in quantum physics, aerospace, or communications the Proteus arbitrary waveform generator is a valuable tool, providing setermanistic, synchronized, phase coherent opperation in a space efficient and cost effective platform.


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