At Tabor, Quality is our way of life and Customer Satisfaction, our number-one priority.

Tabor makes sure that employees in all echelons participate in a company-wide endeavor to continuously enhance both Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Our Quality System includes a Continuous Improvement Program that utilizes information and suggestions provided by employees, suppliers, and customers to continuously improve products and processes on an ongoing basis.

Tabor's uncompromising commitment to excellence begins with the engineering and design process and continues throughout the manufacturing cycle to post installation service and support. Product designs are thoroughly evaluated on a continuing basis to ensure that the equipment delivered meets or even exceeds the published specifications.

Tabor's quality programs have been audited and certified to comply with ISO-9001:2015, EN 61010-1, ISO/IEC 17025, SI-936, IPC-A-610C and EN 60051-3/A1. Tabor Electronics is a member of:

  • Israel's SII - The Standards Institute of Israel
  • IPC - The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
  • Global IQNet - The International Certification Network