The new Proteus Arbitrary Waveform Generator is ideal for applications in Quantum Computing, Electronic Warfare, Radar, and next generation communications such as 5G, 6G, Ultrawide Bandwidth (UWB), and WiFi (802.11) 6 and 7. Built on the latest RF DAC and RF ADC technology, the series has sample rates up to 9GS/s and multiple Nyquist zone frequency range capability in excess of 10GHz. It’s an innovative task oriented programming environment, and user programmable FPGA. When used in combination with its optional RF Digitizer it gives you the ability to change waveforms in real-time - ideal for improving the coherence time of a Qubit, characterizing an RF amplifier, or responding to an EW threat.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Multiple form factors to match your application

The Proteus series comes in a PXIe module, desktop, or benchtop platform. With the PXIe form factor, you get all the advantages of PCIe based high speed data transfer, waveform streaming, and large channel counts in a plug-and-play platform. The Benchtop has an easy-to-use front panel with a large screen and keyboard. The Desktop offers all the features of the Benchtop, at a lower price point – all you do is supply your own screen and keyboard.

Upgrade to Transceiver 

The Proteus series can be upgraded to an Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver. The system integrates the ability to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing all in a single instrument.

Download Proteus AWG Data Sheets' Leaflet>>