The new Proteus Arbitrary Waveform Generator series offers an innovative task-oriented sequence programming where you can change the full instrument set up at every line of the task table. In addition, not only can you of the Proteus series instruments generate and download waveforms simultaneously, you can stream data directly to the FPGA without the need to use the built-in memory. This enables generating random, unique and infinitely long scenarios directly from the controlling PC at DAC speeds of up to 9GS/s. No matter whether your scenario is extremely complex, infinite or even dynamic you can generate it with the Proteus series’ model.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Proteus series comes in a PXIe module, desktop or benchtop platform. The modular, compact and cost effective system offers industry leading performance, various configuration options, an innovative task oriented programming, and user programmable FPGA. Whether it is for aerospace and defense, telecommunications, automotive, medical or quantum physics applications Proteus, AWG generator, is a valuable R&D device.

Upgrade to Transceiver 

The Proteus series, can be upgraded to an Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver. The system integrates the ability to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing all in a single instrument.

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