The Proteus RF Arbitrary Waveform Generator PXI module is based on PXI Express industry standard and can easily scale up to hundreds of channels, with the smallest footprint. It enables up to 4 generator output channels and 2 digitizer input channels which occupy only 3 PXI slots. 

The PXIe module of the Proteus Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver is based on the PXI Express industry standard. This platform enables up to 4 direct to RF generator output channels in 2 slots with the optional digitizer 2 direct to RF digitizer input channels in only 3 PXIe slots  - Allowing you to diectly scale to 100's of channels. 

Utilizing PCI express Gen 3x8 lanes connection, the Proteus PXIe platform enables up to 64Gb/s of data transfer speed saving you valuable time. Additionally, the Proteus Arbitrary waveform transceiver has real time data streaming directly to the FPGA for continuous and infinite waveform generation. 

The optional digitizer and programmable FPGA has user definable processing blocks, such as digital up and down conversion, Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filters, high speed averaging and other mathematical functions to create real-time closed loop processing blocks. This high speed control system provides a feedback loop that enables you to make fast decisions with minimum latency.

For applications in quantum physics, aerospace, or communications the Proteus arbitrary waveform generator is a valuable tool, providing a synchronized, phase coherent output in a space efficient and cost effective PXI module.

The Tabor RF Proteus has 9GS/s sample rate with 16 bits of vertical resolution. The RF units have digitally implemented IQ Modulators and LO’s provided by Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) technology. By using multiple Nyquist zones signals can be created through X-Band.

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