Power amplifiers are a must in applications requiring both complex signals as well as high voltage throughput. However, this is uncommon in high performance instrumentation, therefore an external amplification device must be used. In these cases, a high voltage amplifier is used to increase the size of a signal by some factor.

When choosing a high voltage power amplifier you should take into account these criteria of the signal amplifier’s performance: Input & Output Impedance, Gain, Bandwidth (BW), Slew Rate (SR), Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and Load.

Tabor’s wideband high voltage power amplifiers are a complementary product to all the arbitrary waveform generators series, as they provide a high performance solution for high-voltage, wideband applications. Furthermore, Tabor’s high voltage amplifiers are a useful tool for any lab as they are compatible with most Test and measurement instruments.

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