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Key Executives

Moti Glazer

Chairman of the Board, President

Moti Glazer joined Tabor in 1978 and has held positions in International and Domestic Marketing, Sales, Product Planning and Management. Moti also served as VP, Research and Development. In 1981 he became Tabor's CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Over the years, Moti has focused on establishing business alliances with major marketing concerns as well as expanding Tabor's distribution network. He is the primary point of contact for representatives from companies who purchase Tabor products and/or develop product lines jointly with Tabor.

Moti holds a B.Sc in Business Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He began his professional career as an Electrical Engineer at Elron, Israel and subsequently was Development Engineer for Ballantine, USA.


Ron Glazer


Ron joined Tabor in 2002 as Business Development Manager and later became VP of Marketing and Business Development in 2008. Ron headed the Tabor brand division, and the entire business development and marketing activities of the company for the last 13 years. Effective from January 2016 Ron is assuming the role of Tabor's CEO. Ron is a specialist in defining market needs, and ways to achieve them from product concept, through branding, marketing campaigns, MARCOM activities and sales support. Ron holds a BA from Ruppin college and EMBA in business management from Kellogg (Northwestern).

Prior to joining Tabor, Ron was Business Development Manager for an Internet startup. Ron heads up the Tabor brand division, business development and marketing activities in the Company.

Gilad Dvir


Gilad joined Tabor Electronics in 2017. Gilad manages Tabor's finance activities as per the company's strategy. Prior to joining Tabor, Gilad worked in Ernst&Young and for several industrial low-tech and hi-tech companies as controller and CFO. 

Gilad is a certified public accountant and holds a BA in economics and accounting from Ruppin academic center, and an MBA from Ono academic center, and he has more than 10 years of experience in finance management.

Yaron Pohoriles

Director of Engineering

Yaron Pohoriles joined the company in 2005 and has held positions in the sales support and marketing. In 2010, Yaron moved to the engineering department and started up as a junior project manager and soon after became the Director of Engineering in 2012.

Prior joining Tabor, Yaron served in a number of engineering positions in various companies, including: RIC (Israel) and more. Yaron holds a BSc in engineering from ORT Braude College.

Jonathan Netzer

Product Director

Jonathan joined Tabor Electronics in 2007 soon after finishing his Electrical Engineering studies. He began his way as a Field application engineer and later on became a Regional Account Manager. In 2012 Jonathan assumed the responsibilities of Product Marketing Manager and in 2016 was appointed Product Director responsible for Tabor’s product definition and roadmap.

Jonathan holds a BSc. in Electrical engineering and an MBA from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Shlomo Keisari

Sales & Business Development Director

Shlomo Keisari join Tabor in 2019 as its Sales & Business Development Director. Shlomo has over 28 years’ experience in the High-Tech industry. Prior joining Tabor, Shlomo was an executive and strategy consultant for Start-Up and International companies and held a senior management positions in a variety of sales, marketing, business development and Engineering roles, with successful track record and proven leadership, management and business skills, motivating executives and teams, to achieve the targets.

Shlomo is a highly skilled and experienced in leading companies to success, execution, coordination, organization and integration of multi-functional activities, in Israel, USA and the WW market, and successfully defined and executed new products sales and marketing strategies, that resulted in significant increase in market share for the respective companies during his tenure.

Shlomo holds an academic degrees in Electrical Engineering & Business Management from the Technion.

Bruno Leiba

Service and Support Manager

Bruno joined Tabor in 1980 and held positions in Final Testing and Support Engineering before becoming Service and Support Manager in 1992.

Prior to joining Tabor, Bruno was an Electrical Engineer with Israel's Defense Forces.

Bruno graduated from Ort College in Israel with a B. Sc. In Electronics.

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