Tabor’s new addition to the Proteus, Arbitrary Waveform generators / Transceivers series. The new RF AWG/AWT has a built-in IQ modulator with advanced capabilities for multi-channel RF signal generation. The system is based on a PXIe platform and enables you to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing in a single instrument. 

The Proteus series offers an integrated Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO), digital interpolator, and IQ modulator for the generation of complex RF signals directly from the Proteus instrument. The internal digital-up-converter enables the direct generation of IQ modulation signals eliminating limitations such as IQ mismatch, and in-band carrier feed-through that is present with external IQ modulators and mixers.

For multi-channel applications such as quantum physics and radar, needing high performance synchronized, phase-coherent output, the Proteus RF AWG is an ideal, space efficient, and cost effective solution.

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