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What's it like to work here? Here at Tabor Electronics we are like a big happy family. We love what we do and love working together. Want to join our family?

Tabor Electronics takes great pride in her employees. We value our human resources for their initiative, devotion and loyalty. We are constantly in search of talented, creative individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to contribute to our team, and encourage you to apply.


Research & Development 

Position Number: 20180213
Position Title:       Board Design Engineer
Department:         Research & Development
Position Type:     Full Time
Location: Tel Hanan, Israel (Corporate HQ)
Date Posted: 15/02/2018

Design high speed Digital and Analog boards
The position involves working closely with the system architect, FPGA engineers and layout editor and it require Signal Integrity understanding
Understanding the requirements, select components, design the schematic and work closely with the layout editor.
Work with high-end test equipment to Bring Up the initial prototype
Ability to work in a dynamic team environment


BSc Degree from a known uinversity
Electrical Engineer specialized in High Speed Analog and Digital designs
Experience in use of OrCad Capture (Cadence) design tool
At least three years of experience
      Experience with high speed Ser-Des design 
      Experience with DDR3/4 design
      Experience with PCIe design 
      Experience with large FPGA design


Please send your CV to and state the position number you're applying for.

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