Tel-Hanan Israel, November 2014 - Tabor Electronics is proud to announce the WaveXciter C-series AWGs. The C-series models include the new and enhanced WX2181/2/4C, single, dual and four channel 2.3GS/s 14bit, and the new WX1281/2/4C 1.25GS/s 14bit, single, dual and four channels, all which were built on the previous award winning “A” and “B” series features and enhances further the instrument’s performance and usability.

Improved performances include:

Extra low trigger jitter
Better amplitude accuracy
Improved phase noise performance
Excellent low frequency noise performance
New programmable trigger impedance option
Below 1% EVM performance at high bandwidth
Double the arbitrary waveform and sync output resolutions
Improved Instrument synchronization and inter channel skew

In addition to the improved performance, Tabor also upgraded the series’ digital option (Option D) to include all 32 digital bits as standard. Having separate waveform memory and being fully programmable independent of each other, provides maximum versatility and enables the generation of 32-bit LVDS serial data patterns, without the need to compromise the 4 built-in markers. For even tighter signal control with amplitude settings within a 4Vp-p window, the WX digital option can be attached to the optional WXD1 digital pod.

Jonathan Netzer, Tabor’s Product Marketing Manager commented: “We are continuously improving and upgrading our instruments to meet the challenges of today. All of our enhancements and new functionality are done according to current and future customer requirements. With these latest improvements the WX series now covers even more applications and continues to be the best high speed AWG on the market in its class.”

About Tabor Electronics
Established in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world-leading provider of high-end signal sources, featuring: pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators, high-voltage amplifiers, waveform and modulation creation software. Tabor has earned global recognition for its highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities. In addition to offering a full range of self-branded instruments, Tabor is also a world-class OEM that private-labels a variety of products for industry leaders. Technologically advanced, featuring the highest levels of performance, reliability, and most importantly, price-competitive, Tabor’s products are sought-after in a diverse array of applications.

For additional information contact:

Shirley Isaacs, MARCOM Manager
Tel: +972 4 821 3393