WaveXciter Series

Tabor’s WaveXciter high speed pulse generator series offers unrivaled performance, even when compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals or higher sampling rates. The WaveXciter can generate literally any waveform, at frequencies up to 1GHz with 8 digits of resolution and 1 point granularity, resulting in the highest precision signal creation and regeneration. Aside from its natural ability to generate arbitrary waveforms, the WaveXciter can also be used as a full-featured standard, modulation or pulse generator to solve various applications. Its affordable footprint saves space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

This product series was discontinued on December 31st, 2020 and was replaced by WS835xA-DST Series, which will be sold exclusively online by our distribution partners.

  • 1.25GS/s and 2.3GS/s, 14 bit, 32M waveform generators
  • Single or dual channel, separate or synchronized with 10ps resolution
  • 1GHz sine and 500MHz square waves
  • Up to 4Vp-p into 50Ω, DC-Coupled
  • -20 to +10dBm, AC-Coupled paths 
  • Extensive modulation capabilities with up to 1GHz CW
  • Powerful pulse/pattern composer for analog, digital and mixed signals
  • Advanced sequencer allows, stepping, looping, nesting and jumps
  • Built-in fast dynamic segments and sequences hop control
  • Store and recall on USB stick or 4GB internal flash memory
  • Two instrument synchronization to form a 4-channel system