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Discontinued Products

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Waveform Generators appear similar in operation to Analog Function Generators, but their operation is completely different and require additional skills for full exploitation. Tabor specializes in the field of waveform generation with an array of products starting from EISA, PCI and PXI through VXI to advanced bench instruments. The generators are supplied with complementary software simplifying operation. Just draw on the screen, click on the download button and the output is updated instantly. 

  • Single or Dual channel versions
  • Sample clocks to 300 MS/s
  • Vertical resolution to 14-bit
  • Up to 10 popular standard waveforms
  • AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, and Sweep modulations
  • Multi-Instrument synchronization
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Pulse / Function Generators

Featured products:

Model 8020Model 8021

Function Generators are basic tools for any laboratory. The basic features and functions are common to most function generators that are available on the market, except Tabor offers the highest end of products with truly analog signals reaching frequencies to 20MHz. Tabor also offers Pulse/Function Generators combo, in which most standard Function Generator features are preserved and some pulse capabilities are added. 

  • Output frequency to 20 MHz
  • Amplitudes to 30 Vp-p
  • All popular waveforms including pulse and ramp
  • Independent rise/fall time control
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Pulse Generators

Featured products:

Model 8500Model 8600

Unlike Function Generators, Pulse Generators are wholly dedicated to generate pulses and for control of pulse related parameters such as pulse width, rise/fall time etc. Various Pulse Generators are differentiated by their pulse repetition rate and the control capability of their pulse width, delay and transition times. 

  • Single or dual channel versions
  • Pulse repetition rate to 100 MHz
  • Pulse width and delay control to 1 ns
  • Amplitude span to 10 Vp-p within a ±10V window
  • Auxiliary ECL and TTL outputs
  • Automatic error detection
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Universal Counters / Timers

Tabor has been a source for innovative counter/timers setting new standards for frequency and time measurements since the 1960s. The current product line features solutions spanning from low level to the most complex measurement applications.

  • Frequency measurements to 2.4 GHz
  • Time measurements to 1 ps
  • Input dynamic range to ±50 V
  • Accuracy options from 5 ppm to 0.01 ppm
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