PXIe based Single Channel 20GHz 30dBm RF amplifier

Model TE3201 is a single channel RF amplifier in a single slot PXIe form factor that can operate from 100kHz to 20GHz, designed for high frequency, and high power signal amplification. With an ultra-high bandwidth of almost 20GHz and up to +30dBm power into 50 ohms, the TE3201/2 is the ideal complimentary amplifier to any signal source that needs an extended power boost for demanding  applications.

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Data Sheet(433 KB)
  • Wide bandwidth, 100 kHz to 20GHz
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • +27dBm typ. output power @ P1dB
  • Cascade two channels for up to 25dB gain.

Target Applications

Target applications for the TE3201 are diverse and include various RF applications, such as receiver testing, multi-tone testing, and general electronics and scientific applications. The new TE3201 is an ideal solution for virtually any wide bandwidth application that requires high power and high frequency signal amplification.

Enhancing Performance

The TE3201 was designed to extend the power range of the Tabor arbitrary waveform generators and RF signal generators for applications, requiring a higher output power to drive their DUT (Device Under Test). With the channels cascaded the TE3201 can provide up to 25dB gain and can reach a maximum saturated power of 30dBm into 50 ohms loads, without compromising signal integrity

Cost Effective Versatile Solution

While the TE3201 was designed with the Tabor units in mind, it can be used as a Standalone RF amplifier for any signal source. The TE3201 offers one or two channels in a compact and cost-effective solution for extending any signal source’s power performance.

Model Description
TE3201 PXIe based Single Channel 20GHz 30dBm RF amplifier


Name Description
CAS Jumper cable for TE3202 for cascading CH1 and CH2
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