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Model 8600

100MHz Single / Dual Channel Pulse Generator

Tabor takes pride in providing the ultimate in pulse generator performance. Now available from Tabor, 100 MHz programmable pulse generator. Model 8600 offers exceptional features, accuracy and value unsurpassed by any other pulse generator in this class. Its performance, programmability and economy assures continuing usefulness for many years to come.
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  • Two independently programmed output channels with standard ECL/TTL auxiliary outputs (Channel B optional)
  • High output amplitude level of 10Vp-p, (open circuit), in less than 2ns
  • High-Accuracy, high-resolution digital settings, over exceptionally wide ranges. Pulse width/delay are set with 1 ns increments to 79,999ns
  • Auto-calibration of output period with the built-in counter. Basic period accuracy is controlled to within 0.1% by an internal counter
  • Pulse output modes include single, double, delayed, and pulse complements
  • Extremely low jitter pulse width and delay specifications
  • Complete pulse error detection for error-free operation
  • Complete GPIB programmability
  • 30 storable, non-volatile, front panel set-ups are available for front panel or bus operation
  • Standard built-in universal counter timer measures signals up to 150MHz


Using the latest in microprocessor technology, the Tabor 8600 provides reliability and ease of operation in either manual or GPIB-IEEE 488 modes. Featuring a non-volatile memory, Model 8600 is capable of storing 30 complete front panel set-ups giving exact duplication of complex tests. Last set-up before power shut down is always retained.


Model 8600 employs a built-in frequency counter. This counter is incorporated in an internal closed loop which constantly monitors the output frequency. When deviation from programmed frequency is sensed, the counter instantly sends correcting data to the microprocessor thus, enhancing the basic frequency accuracy to 0.1% -an uncommon figure in such a class of instruments. This counter is also utilized in an internal self calibration routine which corrects the basic accuracy of the VCO to better than 1 %. The self calibration routine is front panel selectable and is usable anytime.


Standard Model 8600 is supplied with one main output (Channel A) delivering full amplitude and performance and one auxiliary output (AUX A) supplying a fixed voltage level of either TTL or ECL.

Optional second output (channel B) is field installable. Only period is common to both channels. All other parameters are independently set.


Using standard off-the-shelf components; sockets and plug-in board construction, model 8600 is easy to upgrade and maintain. Model 8600 is very affordable even for versions incorporating two output channels.


General purpose pulse generation.
Automatic test systems.
Digital communications.
High slew rate linear amplifiers testing.
Material stress testing.
ECL, TTL and CMOS component testing.
High speed drive for microwave switches.
Radar simulation.

Output Modes
Output Channels
Pulse Parameters (Channels A&B)
Width, Double Pulse
Fixed Duty Cycle Modes
Output Levels (Channels A&B)
Pulse Performance (Channels A&B)
Sync Output
Auxiliary Outputs (AUX A&B)
Triggering Characteristics
Counter Characteristics
GPIB Interface


Option 1 Channel B. Independent Parameter Settings: High/Low Levels, Pulse Width, Pulse Delay, Single/Double Pulse, Normal/Complement.



Rack mount 19" Single Rack Mounting Kit


Note: Options and Accessories must be specified at the time of your purchase.

Download Type
Drivers IVI driver for models 8500 and 8600

Application development environments: MATLAB, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual C, Visual Basic
Ver. 1.0.7
Download (14.0 Mb)
Data sheet Data Sheet for model 8600 26/07/2006
Ver. F
Download (136.8 Kb)
Manuals Users Manual for model 8600 11/10/2005
Ver. D
Download (2.6 Mb)

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Model 8600
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