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Model WX1282C

1.25GS/s Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The WX1282C, 1.25GS/s Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator, offers unrivaled performance, even when compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals or higher sampling rates. Its affordable footprint saves space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.
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  • Dual Channel 1.25GS/s,14 bit waveform generator, configurable as separate or synchronized channels
  • Inter-channel skew control from -3 ns to +3 ns with 10 ps resolution
  • 500MHz sine and 350MHz square waves
  • 32M memory 
  • 3 selectable output paths:
  • 2Vp-p into 50Ω with 500MHz bandwidth, Differential DC output
  • 4Vp-p into 50Ω with 350MHz bandwidth, Differential DC output
  • -20 to +10 dBm into 50Ω with >500MHz bandwidth, RF AC output
  • AM, FM, FSK, PSK, ASK, Amp. Hop, Freq. Hop, Sweep & Chirp
  • Powerful pulse composer for analog, digital and mixed signals
  • 32 Bit LVDS Parallel / Separate Outputs (Option D)
  • Smart trigger enables trigger hold-off, detect, wait, abort and restart
  • Advanced sequencer for step, loop, nest and jumps scenarios
  • Two differential markers with programmable positions, width&levels
  • Two instrument synchronization to form a multi-channel system
  • User friendly 4” color LCD display
  • Remote control through LAN, USB and GPIB
  • Store/recall capability on memory stick or 4GB internal memory
  • LXI Class C compliant

Universal Waveform Source

Aside from its natural ability to generate arbitrary shapes with waveform granularity of 1 point, the WX1282C can also be used as a full-featured standard, modulation or pulse generator to solve various applications. Equipped with 1.25GS/s 14-bit DAC and 16M points (32M optional) memory, the WX1282C can generate literally any waveform, short or long, at frequencies up to 500MHz with 12 digits of resolution, resulting in the highest precision signal creation and regeneration without compromising signal fidelity or system integrity.

Signal Integrity and Purity

One of the most important requirement in today’s testing and measurement applications is high signal quality. With a typical SSB phase noise of <-115dBc at 100MHz, and <-100dBc at 500MHz, at 10 kHz carrier offset and with exceptionally good SFDR of <-70dBc at 500MHz carrier, Tabor’s WX1282C unique platform delivers one of the best quality signals available on the market today, answering the ever-growing demand for clear and precise signals.

Common or Separate Clocks

Need a dual channel unit, a single channel unit… why choose? With the new WX1282C you can have it both ways. The WX1282C has two output channels, which can either operate independently, or synchronized to share the same sample clock source. As two separate channels, one has the advantage of having two separate instruments in one box, with each having the ability to be programmed to output different function shapes, frequency, amplitude levels and/or to operate in different run modes. Alternatively, the advantage of having two synchronized channels with less than 10ps skew and skew control is very significant in applications that require an accurate and controlled phase between the two channels, which is ideal for many X-Y modes and I&Q output applications.

DC or AC Coupled Outputs

Have a requirement for different output paths in your lab? Great! The WX1282C offers two single or differential ended DC coupled and one single ended AC coupled output amplifiers: 2Vp-p into 50Ω with 500MHz bandwidth, for applications demanding optimized transitions and aberrations; 4Vp-p into 50Ω with 350MHz bandwidth, for applications demanding high voltage or -20 to +10dBm path for applications requiring bandwidth and flatness for frequencies as high as 500MHz.

Powerful Segmentation and Sequencing

Solving almost every complex application, powerful segmentation and sequencing produces a nearly endless variety of complex waveforms. The waveform memory can be divided into multiple waveform segments and sequenced in user-selectable fashion to create complex waveforms that have repeatable segments, jump and nest, saving you precious memory space. The WX1282C also allows you to generate up to 1000 sequence scenarios and sequence between them to generate an even higher level of flexibility in waveform creation.

Dynamic Segment / Sequence Control

Working in the real-time world and need fast waveform switching? The WX1282C has a rear panel control designed specifically for that. Having the dynamic control feature, in effect, can serve as replacement of the sequence table where the real-time application can decide when and for how long a waveform will be generated. For much more complex applications, this same input may serve as a dynamic switch for complete sequences, creating real-life scenarios for real-time applications.

Smart Trigger

Until now, you've been forced to trigger on a specific event. Tabor's all-new SmarTrigger feature was designed to enhance the trigger capability and facilitate wider flexibility of a specific pulse event. It allows triggering on either a pulse having a larger pulse width than a programmed time value (time), or even on a pulse having a pulse width between two limits (<>time). In addition, the SmarTrigger has a hold-off function, in which the output is held idle after the first trigger and starts a waveform cycle only with the first valid trigger after a hold-off interval has lapsed, allowing you to solve endless "negotiation" scenarios.

Pulse / Pattern Creation

Generating complex pulse trains has never been easier. The Pulse Composer is a powerful built-in tool that converts the WX1282C to a very sophisticated Pulse/Pattern Generator, allowing to create literally any complex pulse train / pattern, whether it’s a single pulse, multi-level, linear-points, initialization or preamble pattern definition, user-defined or even standard random patterns with programmable resolution, so it doesn’t matter if your application is radar communications, nanotechnology or serial bus testing, the pulse/pattern composer is the right tool for your application. Moreover, all the WX1282C advanced trigger modes are applicable, hence one can choose to use the “step” mode to advance every bit independently or the “once” mode to advance a complete data block in one trigger event, enabling even more applications, such as trigger, clock and data protocols.

Programmable Differential Markers

The WX1282C is equipped with two programmable differential markers for each output channel. Differential simply means outstanding signal integrity for high frequencies, whereas the programmability allows you to set position, width, delay and amplitude for any required peripheral triggering need. While bench usage enables setting only one marker position, you can set multiple markers and program different marker properties for each transition instance remotely, allowing various triggering profiles.

Digital Outputs (Option D)

In today’s world, many applications require multiple digital outputs or a parallel digital interpretation of the analog outputs. With the new digital option the WX now offers 32 programmable digital outputs, up to extra 16M of digital memory, up to 1.15Gb/s of data rate and controllable skew between outputs. Combined with Tabor’s dedicated digital signal amplifier, WXD1, the WX is, by far, the best mixed signal source on the market to meet all of today's requirements.

Multi-Instrument Capability

Need more than one channel to drive your application? The WX Series allows you can reach up to 8 synchronized channels system using a Master-Slave arrangement, allowing users to benefit from the same high quality performance even for multi-channel needs.

Easy to Use

Large and user-friendly 4” backlit color LCD display facilitates browsing through menus, updating parameters and displaying detailed and critical information for your waveform output. Combined with numeric keypad, ten quick-link function & run mode buttons, cursor position control and a dial, the front panel controls simplify the often complex operation of an arbitrary waveform generator.

Multiple Environments to Write Your Code

Model WX1282C comes with a complete set of drivers, allowing you to write your application in various environments such as: Labview, CVI, C++, VB, and MATLAB. You may also link the supplied dll to other Windows based API’s or, use low-level SCPI commands (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) to program the instrument, regardless if your application is written for Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems.


ArbConnection is a powerful software package that allows you to easily design any type of waveform and control the instrument functions, modes and features via a graphical user interface (GUI). Whether you need to generate output using a built-in waveform, a hand sketched or played back waveform, a pulse pattern, a serial data string, a modulated carrier or even an equation, ArbConnection provides you the editing tools which makes virtually any application possible.

Standard Waveforms
Pulse / Pattern Composer
Arbitrary Waveforms
Sequenced Waveforms
Sequenced Sequences
Common Characteristics
Run Modes
Trigger Characteristics
Inter-Channel Skew Control
Two Instruments Synchronization


WX1282C 1.25GS/s Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator



Option 2 32 Bit Digital Outputs



A10150 150MHz 16Vp-p Single/Dual Channel "Snap-On" Signal Amplifier
A10160 45MHz 34Vp-p Single/Dual Channel "Snap-On" Signal Amplifier
WXD1 1.15Gb/s 14-Channels Digital Signal Amplifier/POD
S-Sync Cable For Multiple Instrument Synchronization
W-Rack mount 19" Single Rack Mounting Kit
Case Kit Professional Carry Bag


Note: Options and Accessories must be specified at the time of your purchase.

Download Type
Firmware Firmware for model WX1282C
for PCB Ver. F only
Ver. 5.22
Download (1.1 Mb)
Drivers IVI Driver for models WS8351/2, WX2181/2, WX1281/2B, WX2181/2B, WX1281/2/4C, WX2181/2/4C and SE5082 (64 Bit OS) 06/12/2017
Ver. 3.0.6
Download (10.5 Mb)
Drivers IVI Driver for models WS8351/2, WX2181/2, WX1281/2B, WX2181/2B, WX1281/2/4C, WX2181/2/4C and SE5082 (32 Bit OS) 06/12/2017
Ver. 3.0.6
Download (7.2 Mb)
Firmware Firmware for model WX1282C
up to PCB Ver. D1
Ver. 5.1
Download (6.5 Mb)
Manuals Manual for models WX1281/2C and WX2181/2C 02/03/2016
Ver. 1.15
Download (7.6 Mb)
Third Party NI-VISA Software (Runtime) 16/06/2015
Ver. 14.0.1
Download (70.9 Mb)
Software ArbConnection 4.3 - Windows 7 Compatible (for SE5082 download version 4.4) 15/06/2015
Ver. 4.3.207
Download (10.4 Mb)
Data sheet Data Sheet for model WX1282C 27/01/2015
Ver. B
Download (331.6 Kb)
Manuals Manual for ArbConnection 4.x 29/07/2010
Ver. 1
Download (4.9 Mb)

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