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Model LS3081R

3GHz Single Channel Signal Generator 19" 1U Rack Module

The LS3081R, 3GHz Single Channel RF Analog Signal Generator, offers industry leading performance, in a 1U, 19” rack-mounted box. The LS3081R features exceptionally fast switching speed, superior signal integrity and purity and all the necessary modulated signals for analog communication systems. The LS3081R was designed to offer excellent performance and abilities combined with an affordable price tag, needed from the R&D benches to the production lines.
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  • 3GHz RF analog signal generator
  • Extremely Fast Switching speed of <100us
  • AM, FM, PM, Sweep & Pulse Modulation
  • Exceptionally Low Phase Noise of -145dBc/Hz @100MHz and 10@kHz offset
  • USB and LAN interfaces
  • Highest density and space efficient rack-mountable platform
  • Remotely programmable via MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW and other software programming environments.

Extremely Fast Switching

In today’s world, time is a crucial factor, whether in design, on the production floor or inside ATE systems. With a switching speed of less than 100•µs, Tabor’s All-New Lucid Series ensures maximum measurements at minimum time, setting the industry’s highest throughput standard.

Signal Integrity and Purity

One of the most important requirement in today’s testing and measurement applications is high signal quality. With a typical SSB phase noise of -145dBc at 100MHz, and -132dBc at 1GHz, at 10 kHz carrier offset, Tabor’s All-New Lucid Series platform delivers one of the best quality signals available on the market today, answering the ever-growing demand for clear and precise signals.

Multiple Ways to Control the Unit and Write Your Code

Tabor’s Lucid Series comes with its own dedicated software to control the instrument functions, modes and features via a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as a complete set of drivers, allowing you to write your application in various environments including Labview, Python, CVI, C++, VB and MATLab. You may also link the supplied dll to other Windows-based API’s or use low-level SCPI commands to program the instrument, regardless of whether your application is written for Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems.

Modulation Schemes

Signal bursts and chirps have become common need in the daily life of any aerospace or defense application. With Tabor’s All-New Lucid Series, any pulse modulation is possible, no matter if its “narrow” or “standard” pulse need. On top of its outstanding pulse modulation performance, the Lucid Series is also equipped with many CW interferers, and modulated signals such as AM, FM, PM and Sweep.

Multi-channel, phase coherent, benchtop generator

Many test systems and experimental setups require multiple RF channels, either separate or synchronized. The new Lucid series benchtop platform offers up to 4, separate or phase coherent, RF outputs in a single, 1U, 19” box, or up to 16 RF outputs in a single, 3U, 19” box, saving up extremely valuable space compared to available solutions on the market. Tabor’s all-new Lucid series rack-mounted version saves both valuable rack space and investment capital without compromising performance.

Phase Noise
Harmonics (dBc)

3GHz Single Channel Signal Generator 19" 1U Rack Module


Option M AM, FM & PM Modulation
Option P Pulse Modulation
Option LP Low Power option to -90 dBm
Option FS Fast Switching option 100us
Emulator Pack Includes emulators for Keysight, R&S, Anapico & Holzworth


Note: Options and Accessories must be specified at the time of your purchase.

Download Type
Manuals Lucid Rack Mount User Manual 10/08/2020
Ver. 1.0
Download (2.6 Mb)
Data sheet Data Sheet Lucid Rackmount 06/08/2020
Ver. 2
Download (1.0 Mb)
Drivers IVI driver for models LS308XR LS608XR, LS129XR 64bit 08/07/2020
Ver. 1.1.0
Download (6.4 Mb)
Software Lucid Setup - 1.2.1 31/05/2020
Ver. 1.2.1
Download (80.2 Mb)

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3GHz Single Channel Signal Generator 19 Model LS3081R
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