150MHz 16Vp-p Single Channel Signal Amplifier

Model A10150 is an ultra-small footprint, wideband, DC coupled amplifier designed for high frequency, low distortion, signal amplification. With a high bandwidth of 150MHz, 20Vp-p into 50 ohms and a fast transition time of less than 1.8ns, the A10150 is the ideal complimentary amplifier to any high speed signal source that needs a supporting power boost for demanding applications.

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  • 150MHz bandwidth
  • High amplitude to 20Vp-p into 50Ω
  • Fast transition time of <1.8ns
  • Small footprint, all metal case
  • Low distortion
  • Custom Configuration of: Gain, Maximum output


Enhancing Performance

The A10150 was designed as a “Snap-On” accessory for the Tabor WaveXciter series and models WS8351/2, both having a maximum amplitude of 4Vp-p, which can be limiting for some applications, requiring higher voltage to drive their UUT. Combined with the A10150 the WX and WS models will now offer even higher abilities to solve demanding application requiring up to 32Vp-p into high impedance loads, without compromising their signal integrity.

Optional Configurations

The A10150’s standard configuration enables a maximum output voltage of 16Vp-p into 50 ohms with a gain of x5. Custom gain of x10 and/or maximum voltage of 20Vp-p into 50 ohms options can be ordered at the time of the purchase, enabling clients’ even wider variety of choices to solve their application.

Cost Effective Versatile Solution

While the A10150 was designed with the Tabor units in mind, it can be used as a standalone amplifier for any signal source. The A10150 offers a compatible, compact and cost effective solution for extending any signal source’s power performance.

Target Applications

While target applications include Ethernet testing, characterization and verification of ASICs, FPGAs and DACS and many more, the new A10150 is an ideal solution for virtually any high-voltage, wide bandwidth application.


Model Description
A10150-5-16(1) 150MHz 16Vp-p Single Channel Signal Amplifier



Name Description
Gain 5 = x5 or 10 = x10, fixed
Output Voltage 16 = 16Vp-p or 20 = 20Vp-p


(1) Standard configuration.

Note: Options must be specified at the time of your purchase.

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