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Model 8023

50MS/s Single-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Model 8023 is the sequel to a long line of function generators, pulse generators, and arbitrary waveform generators which were brought to market by Tabor Electronics. This digital instrument is superior and far more versatile than their analog equivalent. As a waveform source, this model can replace analog generators in every application, no matter how complex.
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  • Three instruments in one box: Function generator, Arbitrary generator, and Sequence generator
  • Nine Built-in popular standard waveforms
  • Sample clock programmed to 50 MS/s
  • 12 Bit vertical resolution
  • 64K memory length can be divided and loaded with 99 different arbitrary waveforms
  • Nine different sequences can link segments in user defined order and loop each segment to 32768
  • Counted burst to 32768 output cycles, Gated mode, and Triggered mode.
  • Arbitrary waveforms may be loaded from the front panel or from computers through a GPIB interface
  • Extremely simple and intuitive front panel operation, using cursor buttons and a rotary dial. Single function keys and illuminated status indicators
  • Standard GPIB interface, complies with IEEE-488.2 standard and SCPI syntax and rules
  • Free ArbConnection for easy waveform creation & control


There are three shapes of waveforms that these instruments can generate: standard waveforms, arbitrary waveforms, and sequenced arbitrary waveforms. It almost feels like having three different generators in one small package.

Function Generator

As a function generator, these models generate nine standard wave forms, of which, only three are commonly available in analog generators. These nine standard waveforms are generated from a built-in library, thus offering unsurpassed linearity, accuracy, and spectral purity.

The front panel is intuitive and lets you generate waveforms and modify their parameters without wasting valuable time to read manuals. For system applications the instruments are fully programmable using SCPI (1993.0) commands. Model 8023 can generate sine and square waveforms from 10 Hz to 25MHz.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Complex waveforms are used for testing purpose throughout the industry. While coordinates for such waveforms can easily be generated on paper or on computers, there is a need for digital instruments to take this data and convert it to electronic signals. An arbitrary waveform generator is about the only tool that can take a set of X-Y coordinates and convert them to real life signals.

Applications for an arbitrary waveform generator range from simple testing through physiological simulation to generating complex communication signals, material stress analysis, biochemical characterization and many more.

There is no restraint to the shape of an arbitrary waveform. It is only limited by the speed and resolution of the generator itself. So, with 50 MHz clock rates 64K of memory (512K optional), 12 bits of vertical resolution, and the power to generate from the front panel 99 different arbitrary waveforms, it is unlikely that you`ll need another generator to generate your signals.

Sequence Generator

Memory management is a must in today`s arbitrary waveform generators. While very few applications require one long memory, most of the waveforms require a limited number of horizontal points. As a sequence generator, the model 8023 Jet you divide the entire memory into 99 smaller segments, load each segment with a different waveform, then, select the order of which these segments will be linked and the number of loops that each segment will perform.

Sounds complicated? not really! Imagine the following scenario. You have three waveforms loaded in segments 1, 2, and 3. Now you want to generate one long waveform, which will include these three waveforms, however, you want segment 2 to be output first, segment 3 second, and at last segment 1. This is what a sequence generator does. Now you can multiply each segment by up to 32767 times. The order of segments, their length, and the number of times that they are repeated are entirely for you to decide. And remember, no delays between segments all the way to 50 MHz clock rates.


Unlimited Source of Arbitrary Waveforms. With the ArbConnection software you can control instruments functions, modes and features. You can also create virtually an unlimited variety of test waveforms. Freehand sketch allows you to draw your own custom waveform for quick analysis of analog signals. You can use the built-in equation editor to create your own exotic functions. Add or subtract components of a Fourier series to characterize digital or analog filters or, inject random noise into a signal to test immunity to auxiliary noise.


General purpose waveform generation.
General purpose arbitrary generation.
Video and television sets testing.
Material stress testing.
Electronic drive for medical, chemical, and mechanical applications.
Electronic drive for vibration tables.
Automatic test systems.

Standard Waveforms
Arbitrary Waveforms
Sequenced Waveforms
Common Characteristics
AM Modulation
Triggering Characteristics


S-Rack mount 19" Single Rack Mounting Kit
D-Rack mount 19" Dual Rack Mounting Kit
Case Kit Professional Carrying Bag


Note: Options and Accessories must be specified at the time of your purchase.

Download Type
Drivers IVI driver for models 8023, 8024, 8025, 8026, TE5200, TE5201, TE5325 and TE5300 (32 Bit OS) 16/07/2015
Ver. 2.5.36
Download (7.6 Mb)
Drivers IVI driver for models 8023, 8024, 8025, 8026, TE5200, TE5201, TE5325 and TE5300 (64 Bit OS) 16/07/2015
Ver. 3.0.2
Download (8.2 Mb)
Third Party NI-VISA Software (Runtime) 16/06/2015
Ver. 14.0.1
Download (70.9 Mb)
Data sheet Data Sheet for model 8023 26/07/2006
Ver. E
Download (137.4 Kb)
Software ArbConnection 3.1
for models 8023, 8024, 8025, 8026, 3361 and 3362 with Frimware version 1.6 or higher
Ver. 3.1.20
Download (7.0 Mb)
Manuals Users Manual for models 8023 / 8024 18/07/2001
Ver. D
Download (1.0 Mb)

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Model 8023
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