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Model 6030

300MHz Universal Counter Timer

The Model 6030 Programmable Counter/Timer offers two independent input channels (A and B) for measuring frequencies up to 225MHz, plus a third optional input channel (C) that allows measuring frequencies up to 2.4GHz, offers outstanding frequency range and high resolution along with numerous special features and capabilities built-in to this optimal Counter/Timer. The 6030 also includes a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) time base for exceptional measurement stability, even in changing ambient conditions.
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  • 2 x 225 MHz independent input channels (typically operate to 300 MHz)
  • Optional Frequency Measurement to 2.4 GHz
  • Standard TCXO stability Oscillator
  • Optional high-stability Rubidium Oscillator
  • Bright 10 digits display; visible at any lighting condition
  • Advanced measurement technique for maximum resolution in frequency measurements
  • Resolves frequency resolution to 9 digits in one second of gate time
  • 1 ps averaged time interval resolution
  • Auto-triggering, auto-attenuation for error free operation
  • Complete input conditioning on both channels, with internal 50Ω, attenuators, low-pass filters, and slope selection
  • 13 automatic measurements, including peak signal amplitude
  • 500 built-in gate time intervals plus an external input, extend gate time range from 100µS to 1000s
  • GPIB programmability; Fast reading mode gives up to 100 ASCII-formatted readings in one second
  • 10 storable front panel set-ups

Extremely User-Friendly Operation

Design approach emphasizes simplicity of operation. Numerous functions, parameters and operating modes resolved to simple, logical blocks and one keystroke operation. In fact, operation is so easy that first time users rarely require an Instruction Manual.

A.T.E. Environment

Unusually flexible software package. With simple commands one can adapt handshake, commands and termination to designated controller.

High Reliability

Each Tabor instrument is aged for at least two weeks and subsequently 100% computerized tested before shipping.


Model 6030 is virtually a self-contained automatic test system. A non-volatile memory is capable of storing up to 10 various front panel set-ups; each dedicated to a different test procedure. Recalling a specific set-up or accessing a few set-ups is performed with pushbutton ease.

High Performance Trigger

In manual mode, the trigger level is programmable from -5.1V to + 5.1V (-51V to + 51V in X10 mode) with an exceptional resolution of 10 mV (100mV in X10 mode). An automatic trigger mode is also available covering the frequencies from 100Hz to 150MHz.

Automatic Attenuation Selection

Auto trigger mode automatically switches attenuator settings if the input signal exceeds 5.1Vpk-pk.

DVM Measurements

Automatic triggering is used to establish the peak voltages for setting trigger points. This feature is used to measure peak voltage levels.

Individual Channel Filtering

The 6030 has an independent 100kHz low pass filter on each channel to reduce input stage sensitivity when making low-frequency measurements.

High Stability Time Base

Counter measurement stability can be improved by using an external clock or one of the two optional internal high stability time bases. The internal time base options are:

  • TCXO: Standard
  • OCXO: Option 1a
  • Rubidium: Option 4

Optional Analog Output

Option 3 (Analog Output) provides a high accuracy source to drive devices like chart recorders. This option is especially useful in measuring and recording the aging and temperature stability of devices like oscillators and Voltage to Frequency (V-F) converters.

Flexible Gate Time and Delay Time Control

The Model 6030 allows fine control of gate time and delay time settings with 46 pre-defined times ranging from 100ms to 10s. In addition, gate or delay may be set to any value between 100ms and 1000 seconds using an external input.


High-resolution, high-accuracy frequency and time measurements.
RF measurements.
V / F converter testing.
Automatic test systems.

Input Characteristics (Channels A&B)
Auto Trigger Level Characteristics (Channel A&B)
Manual Trigger Level Characteristics (A&B)
Reciprocal Frequency Measurement Characteristics
Conventional Frequency Measurement Characteristics
Frequency C (Available with Option 2 Only)
Period A, Pulse A time Interval A to B
Period A - Averaged (*)
Pulse A, Time Interval A to B - Averaged (*)
Phase A to B - Averaged (*)
Totalize B
Ration A/B
Ration C/B
V Peak A
Gate Time
External Arming (Trigger)
External Input - Gate ,Delay and Arming
Standard TCXO Time Base
GPIB Interface
Definitions of Terms


Option 1 OCXO + x10 Time Base Multiplier
Option 2 2.4GHz Channel C
Option 3 Analog Output
Option 4 Rubidium Time Base



S-Rack mount 19" Single Rack Mounting Kit
D-Rack mount 19" Dual Rack Mounting Kit
Case Kit Professional Carrying Bag


Note: Options and Accessories must be specified at the time of your purchase.

Download Type
Data sheet Data Sheet for model 6030 26/07/2006
Ver. E
Download (167.4 Kb)
Manuals Users Manual for model 6030 29/04/2004
Ver. C
Download (3.8 Mb)
Drivers IVI driver for models 6010, 6020 and 6030

Application development environments: MATLAB, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual C, Visual Basic
Ver. 1.0.5
Download (7.0 Mb)

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Model 6030
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