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The Wave Design Studio is the latest in instrument control and signal creation waveform software. It enables full remote control of Tabor’s waveform generators and simplifies the creation of complex signals. With a modern and intuitive graphical user interface the Wave Design Studio offers easy access to and control of all the instrument's features and capabilities. In addition to the standard waveform creation tools, the wave design studio offers waveform creation add-ons for RF, microwave, radar, and general purpose applications.

For applications in quantum physics, aerospace and defense, communications, or automotive, programming your project is simple, intuitive, and efficient. This user-friendly waveform software allows you to select a configuration from a list, edit it easily or build a new one according to the project specifications. You can manage multiple units, which the waveform software identifies automatically, and program each device to the desired output.



  • PC based software for instrument control and signal creation
  • Dedicated add-ons for radar applications, signal correction, digital modulations and more
  • Easy to use waveform creation tools for generating, chirps, pulses and modulations
  • Powerful and intuitive graphical user interface including preview of the generated scenario and simultaneous multi-channel and markers view
  • Automatic detection of all connected instruments, and offline mode for creating waveform, scenarios and setups without a connected instrument
  • Even for those planning to use third party software for controlling the Tabor generator the Log file and SCPI command editor will help to quickly learn how to program the instrument


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