In this webinar we'll review the RF test requirements of different applications areas like 5G, Phase-Array Radar or Quantum Computing where tens of RF signals must be generated, acquired and analyzed simultaneously, often in real-time conditions, and where traditional VSAs and VSGs are not a good match. These applications require a precise timing and phase control of each one of the involved signals, a convenient integration architecture, and an excellent cost per channel. We'll demonstrate possible solutions with the new Proteus AWT (Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver), emphasizing the benefits and advantages for your day to day work, such as direct to/from RF/uW capabilities, scalable architecture supporting tens of simultaneous coherent transmitters and receivers, a user-customizable internal FPGA, and low cost per channel. The event is a part of the RF Technology Event. After registering for the event, you'll receive the email to register for the webinar. The event was hosted by our partners acal bfi, Eindhoven (NL).