Tel Hanan Israel, October 2012 - Tabor Electronics is proud to announce the new 2816 digital signal amplifier for digital data that can operate in conjunction with select models of Tabor’s AWGs. The new amplifier offers independent level control of up to 5Vpp for each channel with less than 2 ns transition time and up to 300MB/s data rate.

The new amplifier is designed to operate in conjunction with the Wonder Wave series WW2571/2A models and the Pulse Master series PM8571/2A models. . Together they become a fully featured, high performance, 300Mb/s 16 Channels Digital Data Generator capable of generating complex patterns as well as analog signals and their digital representation simultaneously.

Product highlight features include:

16 digital data channels
Data rate of 1.5b/s to 300Mb/s
Up to 5Vp-p programmable level control, double into open circuit
Transition time <2ns
Auxiliary clock output
Compatible with Tabor models WW2571/2A and PM8571/2A
Jonathan Netzer, Tabor’s Product Marketing Manager commented: “The new 2816 is part of Tabor’s new digital signal amplifier product line. This new line continues to expand Tabor’s product portfolio to offer engineers complete solutions for the signal generation needs. So whether engineers need to perform characterization, verification or validation Tabor now offers the best and most complete product range to meet their needs.”

About Tabor Electronics

Established in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world-leading provider of high-end signal sources, featuring: pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators, high-voltage amplifiers, waveform and modulation creation software. Tabor has earned global recognition for its highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities. In addition to offering a full range of self-branded instruments, Tabor is also a world-class OEM that private-labels a variety of products for industry leaders. Technologically advanced, featuring the highest levels of performance, reliability, and most importantly, price-competitive, Tabor¡¦s products are sought-after in a diverse array of applications.

For additional information contact:

Ron Glazer, VP Marketing & Business Development
9 Hatasia St. Tel-Hanan, Israel 20302
Tel: +972 4 821 3393
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