These roles are considered public voluntary and both Ron and Gilad are expected to keep their day-today jobs and the head of their organizations.

Gilad and Ron represent a winning combination for leading the Israeli high-tech association, as they complement each other in representing most ends of the industry. While Gilad represents better the Software and is more oriented towards the bigger organizations, Ron represents the Hardware companies, and the small to medium size companies. Together they bring upon this candidacy decades of managerial experience in the high-tech industry and vast public activity to help the Israeli industry.

Among the main objectives of this race are:
• Positioning the union as the largest and leading representative organization in the country, which influences the policies of the Israeli government and the various regulators and sets the agenda for the advancement of the high-tech industry
• Promoting investment programs and increasing government budgets that support innovation and local industry development
• Expanding the variety of services, forums, and meetings while creating great value for union’ members
• Promoting collaborations with parallel organizations through a new consortium to deal with common topics
• Establishment of an action team to promote various industry’ initiatives with the various regulators
• Enlarging the association and the number of members in it in a dramatic way, with all types of innovation companies
• Increasing the union's resources for activities and providing better services to all union members

Gilad: “I am grateful about the partnership with Ron, who in my eyes represents the rooted Israeli high-tech. We will work together to continue to grow and strengthen the high-tech industry, with concern for the authorities' response to needs and the removal of barriers and restrictions. High-tech is the leading industry in Israel and one of the pillars of the state's resilience and its status as a global technology powerhouse.”

Ron commented: “I’m honored that Gilad has decided to join forces in our run for office of the Israeli High-tech Association. I see this opportunity as a mission to continue to grow and refine the very same Israeli high-tech industry that my grandfather, the late Mr. Zvi Glazer, was one of the founding fathers of many decades ago. I’m sure that Gilad and I, we’ll be able to lead the Israeli high-tech industry and the association to phenomenal achievements that will position the it at the highest priority of the Israeli decision makers within the government, and create the very best eco-system fit to develop and grow the entire industry, for and behalf of its member, together with the new management that will be chosen for the association”. He added: “I call upon all the Israeli high-tech companies, Hardware and Software to join us to the Israeli High-tech Association and benefit from all the activities and the vast work that can contribute a lot to their businesses”.

About Gilad Rabinovich
Gilad began his career in the high-tech world as an officer in the MMR and later managed software companies such as Elad, Malam, EDS and more. Gilad previously served as president of the Bureau of Information Systems Analysts and co-authored the management book "Nihology" with Dr. Itai Shiloni. Gilad has degrees from Bar Ilan University and the University of Haifa.
About Ron Glazer

Ron began his professional career in 1999, as an entrepreneur of a satellite communications company, which aspired to provide two-way satellite internet services to business customers and later also managed a local branch of a British internet company. In 2002, Ron joined Tabor Electronics, which was founded by his grandfather, Mr. Zvi Glazer, winner of the Israel Security Award and one of the founding fathers of the high-tech industry in Israel. As part of his various roles, Ron established and led all of the Tabor brand commercial activities around the world and brought it to significant growth over the years. In 2008 Ron became the VP of Marketing and Business Development, and towards the end of 2015, after about 15 years in various positions in the company, it was decided to appoint Ron as the CEO of the company, which he leads to this day with great success. Since taking office, Ron has completed the process of "rebuilding the company", after 50 years of
activity in the market, both technologically and in terms of the company's management and positioning in the market. Ron holds two academic degrees from recognized and respected universities and serves as a director as well as a certified mediator in various companies.

Ron has been a member of the Northern board of the Israeli Manufacturers Association since 2010, and served as chairman of the next generation and a member of the presidency of the Israeli Manufacturers Association from 2014 to 2016, and as a member of the Israel High-Tech Association for the past three years.
About the Israeli High-tech Association

The Association of Israeli High-Tech Association represents Israel’s High-Tech industries. Members of the association include approximately 300 companies in the fields of semi-conductors, communication, electro-optics, medical equipment, software products, homeland security, electronics, and software houses. The association is active in the following areas: promoting the economic growth of High-Tech industry; representing the industry to the government, Knesset and government authorities, and advocating policies favorable to the industry and the removal of obstacles that impede its progress. Association members have the opportunity of being involved in the formulation of European standards and enjoy close ties and cooperation with the Israel Exports Institute and the Chief Scientist. In addition, the association actively supports technology education, as the basis for High-Tech industry, and organizes professional courses and seminars.

For more information contact:
Ofir Shpigel, PR

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