3-6 March 2024

3-8 March 2024

Tabor Quantum Solutions - Enabling Quantum Technology

Join the Tabor Quantum Solutions team and 13,000+ Physicists in Minneapolis,  March 3-8th. Come and see us at Booths 800 and 801 and learn about how we are changing quantum physics, making experiments easier, and helping you publish more papers, with new and novel experimental results.

On the booth, we will be featuring:

  • The industrialization of Superconducting Qubit Computing – from lab to production floor.
  • ION-Trap Computing – from its infancy to state-of-the-art large-scale computers.
  • Materials, Molecular, and Compound Analysis - change the way you do spectroscopy.

Sign up for our Qubit challenge - invite us into your lab, hook up our direct RF/uW compact measurement system to your fridge and chip, and characterize your system within an hour.

Plus, you are invited to our Afterparty on Wednesday evening - as soon as the exhibition is over, come and meet the team and learn how everything is about to change - rethink your large-scale quantum strategy. Tickets are available at our booth.

Our Scientists are also presenting a couple of papers:

G50: Exploring the Potential of a Commercially Available Superconducting QPU System

K61: Commercially available, modular superconducting quantum computers

We are also referenced in many more papers – please check the APS schedule

If any of these topics interest you, or you just want to learn about Tabor and its Quantum Physics Division – TQS - please contact us.

Mark, your calendars – we’ll see you there!

Register Here – https://march.aps.org/registration