San Francisco, CA 5/18/2022: Tabor Electronics announced today that it is expanding its operations in the USA, by opening two new officed: US headquarters in San Francisco, California and its Quantum System Development Lab in Berkeley California.

The San Francisco office is the administrative headquarters, providing keys sales and support functions, plus in line with Tabors strategy of supporting the Quantum Technology Market, the Quantum System Development Lab in Berkeley California, located on "Quantum Alley" on Heinz Ave. Berkeley, is an applications development centre.

Mark Elo, Tabor's CMO & General Manager of the US operation stated: "this allows us to develop key application software, and gives us access to key physicists both locally and across the US in ensuring Quantum Device Characterization, pulse control and readout is easily performed on our hardware systems".

Ron Glazer, Tabor's President said at the opening ceremony: "I'm proud of what we have done to date in the USA and these offices represent the next stage of our evolution in the US market".


About Tabor Electronics

Established in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world-leading provider of high-end signal sources, featuring: RF, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators/transceivers, high-voltage amplifiers, waveform and modulation creation software. Tabor has earned global recognition for its highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities. In addition to offering a full range of self-branded instruments, Tabor is also a world-class OEM that private-labels a variety of products for industry leaders. Technologically advanced, featuring the highest levels of performance, reliability, and most importantly, price-competitive, Tabor’s products are sought-after in a diverse array of applications.


For additional information contact:

Mark Elo, CMO & GM Americas