APS March Meeting 2024

Thank you for joining us at the APS March Meeting 2024. We are glad that you are with us on our journey to democratizing quantum computing with our Proteus Quantum Control Platform:


Super Conducting

Echo-5Q Lab Scale Quantum Computer Project with FormFactor and QuantWare

The Echo-5Q project was a collaboration between FormFactor Inc., Tabor Electronics LLC, and QuantWare to combine three industry-leading technologies in cryogenics, microwave electronics, and quantum fabrication processes.

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Take the Tabor Qubit Challenge

Book a Tabor Quantum Solutions demonstration unit, and a Tabor physicist will show you how to connect our Proteus Direct Quantum Control Electronics to your Qubit system and start performing characterization within an hour!  

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Tabor Has a Long History in Ion-trap Computing

Helping scientist with Ion-trap computing from its early days at the University of Maryland to the latest large scale commercial systems. 

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Improving the science of NMR with the UC Berkeley
We have published multiple papers with our partners at UC Berkeley including experiements that have shown a Free Inductive Decay in excess of 90 seconds. Do you want to learn more about our results? 


The Proteus Quantum Control Platform

The secret to our success in many physics applications is our quantum control hardware. Proteus is a module that can make and analyze quantum control signals from DC to 10GHz, that can scale from a couple of channels to quantum control applications requiring thousands of channels.