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Tabor Electronics upgrades its award winning high-speed AWG WaveXciter series

10 November, 2014
New enhancements to the award winning WaveXciter Series include new digital outputs, and a host of improvements in EVM performance, low frequency noise, trigger jitter and timing resolutions

Tabor Electronics announce world’s fastest IQ PXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generator on the market

9 November, 2014
The new high speed PXI Express IQ AWG offers advanced arbitrary capabilities at 1GHz bandwidth

Tabor Electronics announces ‘Summer Sale’ promotion on its high-speed WaveXciter series

27 July, 2014
The ”Summer Sale” promotion enables clients advancing to superior technology at affordable price tag for a limited time

Tabor Electronics introduces a new addition to its high frequency signal amplifier line

3 July, 2014
The new A10160 is an ultra-small footprint, wideband, DC coupled amplifier designed for high frequency, high current, signal amplification

Tabor Electronics announces new website launch

18 May, 2014
The new website offers customers an extensive and far reaching experience of our products and services with many exciting interactive opportunities.

Tabor Electronics will be exhibiting new and innovative developments at Electronica 2014

6 October, 2014
Tabor Electronics a world leader in the high end signal source market will display latest improvements in an extensive range of products, solutions and many more.
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