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Tabor Electronics names Mr. Shingo Haraguchi of Toyo Corporation its 2012 Best Salesman of the Year

1 February, 2013
Tabor Electronics best Salesman of the year is awarded to Mr. Shingo Haraguchi for his outstanding work and exceptional results in 2012

Tabor Electronics is launching a new attractive Education Discount Plan!

1 July, 2013
The new discount plan is geared towards all the academic universities and research institutes around the world that choose Tabor Electronics for their signal generation needs

Tabor Electronics calls on Ms. Shirley Isaacs to head-up its MARCOM Activities

1 July, 2013
The changing world of B2C Marketing caused by the digital media revolution, along with the growing demand for Tabor products, led to the nomination of a new MARCOM Manager

Tabor Electronics introduces a new high frequency wideband signal amplifier

1 July, 2013
The new A10150 is an ultra-small footprint, wideband, DC coupled amplifier designed for high frequency, low distortion, signal amplification

EADS North America Test and Services Names Frankie G. Antonini as the Tabor Electronics Product Line Manager

1 August, 2013
The recent nomination was triggered by the latest signs of recovery in the US market and the growing demand for Tabor’s unique and sophisticated product line

Tabor Electronics announces Year End Sale Series of Promotions!

1 October, 2013
With the end of 2013 fast approaching Tabor Electronics is launching some amazing promotions on selected products with up to 30% price discounts, free accessories and free upgrades
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