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Tabor Electronics Names Mr. Shimon Katzav as its New International Sales Manager

1 February, 2011
Increased demand on the globally recognized Tabor Brand Product Line drives the need to expand the sales management team

Tabor Electronics WaveXciter series wins Test & Measurement World’s Best in Test Award for 2011

1 May, 2011
The WaveXciter series was awarded for its excellence and innovation resulting in the industry’s most versatile and capable Signal Source

Tabor Electronics Introduces a New 50MS/s PCIBus Single-Channel Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator

1 July, 2011
The new waveform generator was designed to enable users combining between Tabor's state-of-the-art AWG technology and the PC's power, speed and flexibility

Tabor Electronics announces new additions to its advanced Wave Standard AFG series

1 July, 2011
The Wave Standard series now offers the newest in signal generation technology with models WS8351 and WS8352, single or dual channels 350MHz Arbitrary / Pulse Function generators

Tabor Electronics marks 40 years of constant product excellence and design ingenuity

1 August, 2011
he 40th anniversary celebrations will include unprecedented price discounts of up to 40% on selected models and many other special promotions and gifts for both Tabor’s customers and suppliers

Tabor is proud to announce upgrades and new additions to its 2011 Best in Test award winning WX series

1 August, 2011
The award winning WaveXciter Series has just become even better offering more models, more functionality, higher performance, better spectral purity and more output paths, making it, by far, the BEST signal source in its class

Tabor Electronics Announces the Release of its 2011/2012 Product Catalog Team

1 November, 2012
Tabor’s 2011/12 Catalog Team features the company’s 40 year anniversary including a full product portfolio and introducing the newest high speed Arbitrary Waveform and function generators as well as other new and exciting products
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