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What is the offset resolution in the WW1071/2?
19bits when set from BUS and 1mV when set from the front panel.
Are the memory options on the WW1072 only available at the time of purchase or are they retro-fittable?
The memory on the units can be upgraded after purchase but please be aware that extra costs such as re-work and shipping will be added to the cost of the memory option.
After installing the WW-107X IVI driver 1.1.14 under WIN7 and the LabView Version 2011 the error message “The UseDLL was unable to load the TelviConfigServer.dll into memory!” is received. The WW is connected via GPIB to the PC and the communication between PC and WW works (VISA). The installation stops with the described error.
IVI Shared Components must be installed on the system before Driver installation.
What is the max output current for the 5061/2 and 1071/2?
If I try to install using the .exe USB driver, Windows returns the following error message: "The current language is not supported by the device Driver Installation Wizard".
The .zip version of the driver should be used and manually installed.
Do you have a driver I Can use to control and program your waveform generator with Matlab/LabView/C++?
All of the WW, WS and WX units as well as all of the PXI and PCI units can be programmed using Matlab, Labview, and C++. Our IVI driver is on the installation CD provided with the instrument or you can download it from our online download center .
I'm trying to program your waveform generator using the IVI driver (Matlab/LabView/C). I was wondering if you could please send me some documentation for the driver commands?
Please go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Tabor Electronics -> “instrument” Here you can find all the documentation and examples for programming the unit.
What port number should I use when using a LAN connection to the device?
For the WX series and WS 8351/2 the port number should be set to 5025, for all other units port number is 23.
What is the value of the output current coming from the LVDS driver of the Digital Output of WX1281B?
This is a standard LVDS output. Current is ~3.5mA.
Using the TE5300 PCI card, the command SOUR:ROSC:SOUR ? never responds INT why?
In PC there is no CLK10 (like in PXI chassis) and then INT is TCXO
How can I download an arbitrary waveform through USB interface using SCPI commands?
Here is an example:

//Arb wave data
unsigned short waveBuffer[16]={0x0000,0x2000,0x4000,0x6000,0x8000,0xA000,0xC000,0xE000,0xFFFF,0xE000,0xC000,0xA000,0x8000,0x6000,0x4000,0x2000};

//Define Arb segment
strcpy(cmd_str,"TRAC:DEF 1,16\n");
viWrite(InstrSession,(unsigned char *)cmd_str,strlen(cmd_str),0);

//Arb wave header
viWrite(InstrSession,(unsigned char *)cmd_str,strlen(cmd_str),0);
//Write arb wave viWrite(InstrSession,(unsigned char *)waveBuffer,32,0);
When programming the waveform generator with Matlab I receive the following error “Error using ==> icdevice” what can I do?
Please make sure you have the latest NI VISA and IVI driver installed on your PC. If this is not the case then uninstall the current instrument IVI driver, then install the latest NI VISA and then install the latest IVI driver available at our download center .
I am planning to use PXI TE5201, on Window7 system having Labview 2012 and all latest NI drivers including latest NI-VISA. On Tabor website, I have found so many software files. Now, kindly suggest which has to be installed and in what order, so that current functionality of my system is not disturbed.
Please Install the inf (VISA) driver and then the IVI driver. To download these please go to our download center in our website, select the 5201 model, and download type drivers.
Is it possible to control the amplitude for all channels at the same time on the 5064/1074/2074 unit, or with Software, or with SCPI commands?
To couple the channels use the command VOLT: COUP 1,1,1,1 this couples all the channels but you can couple any combination for example only 1 and 3 by using VOLT:COUP 1,0,1,0. Then you can use the OUTPT ON or OUTPUT OFF command. VOLT command (to change the amplitude) also affect all channels together. To uncouple the channels you simply send VOLT:COUP 0,0,0,0
When you declare output double into open circuit what impedance is called “open circuit” 1kohm or more?
1 Mohm, otherwise use a voltage divider to calculate the resultant voltage.
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