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Industrial & Power

Lasers – Solution Note

A LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is an electro-optical device that emits highly coherent light radiation. Lasers have become a multi-billion dollar industry with applications ranging from storage devices to cosmetics.
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Power Line Distortion – Solution Note

Power lines, which are used to supply electricity to many types of electronic devices, are often affected by systems that introduce harmonic distortion into the power grid. Harmonic distortion is a repetitive distortion, in which every cycle of the waveform is distorted identically. A harmonic is a sinusoidal component of a periodic wave having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency.
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Motion Control – Solution Note

A motion control system is used to regulate the position or velocity of a mechanical object. The main components of a motion control system include: Application hardware or software, a motion controller, an amplifier, an actuator (such as a motor), a feedback device and the mechanical object.
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Hard Disk Drives – Solution Note

When a power supply is turned on, its purpose is to deliver, for example, 5 and 12 Volts to its “clients” – electronic components – by raising the voltage from zero to the required level. In reality, however, the voltage amplitude does not rise linearly from 0 to 5V or 12V. Instead, every power supply has its own voltage rise profile.
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