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How to Simply Store and Recall Waveforms and Settings

The Tabor family of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) is designed for easy storage and recall of waveforms and front panel settings to a “memory cell” in the AWG system or on a flash disk. This document will quickly guide you through the following processes:

• Store/Recall waveforms and front panel settings
• List stored waveforms and front panel settings

The front panel of the AWG is depicted below.

  • To store/recall a waveform or front panel setting:

1. Press the Sto/Rec button in the Control menu.

2. Press the Store/Recall menu button


3. Select the storage Target/Source:

  • Internal. In the internal memory of the AWG system.
  • USB. On a flash disk inserted into the front panel (see the diagram below).

4. Select the number of the Memory Cell to be used for store/recall. Select a number from 1-10. When selecting a numeric attribute for modification, modify the displayed value using the dial or the cursor keys, or by entering the value using the numeric keypad. Press ENTER to save the modified parameter value.


5. When storing, select the type of material to Store:

  • Setup. Store the front panel settings.
  • Waveform. Store the waveform segments being used.
  • All. Store the front panel settings, waveform segments, and sequence tables.

6. Press on Update to store/recall the material in/from the memory target and cell that you selected. No material is stored/recalled until the Update button is pressed.

The system responds with the message “Stored setting to internal/USB memory” or “Recalled setting from internal/USB memory”.


In order to optimize performance, it is recommended to store/recall waveform segments of over 1 million points on a faster media (such as a computer hard drive), and to download them to the system when required for testing. 


To list stored waveforms and front panel settings:

1. Press the List menu button. The list screen appears as shown below.

2. Select the storage media to List from:

  • Internal. In the internal memory of the AWG system.
  • USB. On a flash disk inserted into the front panel (see the diagram below).

3. Press the Clear Cell menu button if you wish to delete the contents of a memory cell in the Source selected. Choose the cell number and press Enter to clear the cell.


For More Information

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