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One of the aspects of Tabor's marketing focus is OEM and Custom Product partnerships. We believe that the creation and continuous development of partnerships ensures success both for our partners and Tabor. Over the years we have established and nurtured partnerships with major players in the Test and Measurement field. They have a huge variety of needs; Tabor has the practical and cost-effective solutions to match.

Allying with Tabor gives partners access to the tools, technology, experience and expert team usually found in much larger organizations. As a major OEM and Custom Projects business, Tabor offers a full range of services, from design through service and support. In short, everything necessary to create and support your product - with an important difference - the creativity, commitment and caring of a highly efficient organization.

Tabor is seeking OEM and Custom Projects partners that demand the best Test and Measurement for their systems or are interested in enhancing their current product line. Systems developers, Integrators and other hardware solutions providers are potential partners in a mutual quest for high performance, state-of-the-art test and measurement instruments for diverse applications. Our people are ready to work with your engineering and marketing teams to arrive at custom-configured solutions, meeting the most demanding applications and time-to-market constraints.

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